Main Services

Information and Communication Technology:

1. ICT Consulting;

2. Software Product Development;

3. Database Management;

4. System Maintenance;

5. System Support;

6. System Integration;

7. System Analysis;

8. Web Design, Maintenance and Hosting;

9. Application Software Testing;

10. Technical Documentation;

11. Networking;

12. Networking;

13. Project Management;

14. ICT Training;

15. School ICT support; and

16. Selling and Supply Product.


ICT Consulting


EE provides ICT Consultant such as System Developer/Programmer, Business/System Analyst, Web Master/Manager, Server Administrator, Database Administrator and etc.

System Development

EE provides the development of excellence application to address the challenges faced by various organisation.

Database Management

EE provides the development of various databases such as MySql, Oracle, Access and etc.


System Design


EE provide system design and prototyping. This include the documentation of Functional and Application Designs.

System Support


EE provides 24/7 system support to any organisation that is need of the services.

System Integration

EE provides excellence system integration amongst different systems including C#, Delphi, SAP and etc.


System Analysis



EE provides full system analysis with trouble shooting and recommendation at all times.

System  Maintenance and Enhancement

EE provides full system maintenance.

Application Software testing


EE provides best application testing services and methods.


System Documentation

EE provides excellence system documentation for different types of system (old or New) that covers Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), Data Flow Diagrams(DFD), Context Data Flow Diagrams(CDFD), Use Case's and etc.


EE provides installation and re-connection of network equipments. This include the installation of network ports and cables. We also provide support of Wi-Fi connection within organisations

Project Management

EE provides the management of project that includes the drafting of business plans, PERT chart, Workflow breakdown, project charter and etc.


ICT Training


EE provides ICT tailored organisational training such as Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Internet and E-mail.

School ICT support

EE provides a tailored school support for Windows installation and support, Microsoft office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Internet, E-mail support, hardware and software.

Selling and Supply Product

EE sells and supplies lot of product such as Desktop, Laptop, Desktop and Laptop Equipment, Printers, Routers, TV's and etc.


Computer System Management


EE provides excellence Computer System Management to all the organisations. This includes the repairing of computers.

Web Design, Maintenance and Hosting

EE create new and maintain website for all types of organisations including Non-Profit organisations. We also host the website with different price packages base on the size of the business.




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09 Sep 2016
Eyetwa Enterprise is an ICT company that provides excellence Software Development ICT Consulting, Networking and ICT Outsourcing. 

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